Welcome to the Kid Zombie Adventures

Parents– This comic is always meant to be Child Friendly; meaning:
It follows the guidelines that would allow it to be rated “E” for Everyone/All Ages.

It’s simply fun, imaginative adventure that I believe I would have liked as a child (and still like now!). This comic was born from my other Kid Zombie webcomic, which is meant for ages 13+. When I began presenting that webcomic at comic conventions, I would have overwhelming interest from parents with young children. Kids seemed to like the characters a lot! I’d have to keep repeating that the comic wasn’t written for young kids, so parents needed to check it out before letting their kids read it. I’d leave the convention feeling like I left some disappointed people behind and started wondering if I should try a different approach. As a result, Kid Zombie Adventures came into existence. It’s a weekly comic that is meant for all of those younger kids that I didn’t have anything to offer to in the past.

The comic follows the adventures of Kid Zombie, his dog, Chowder and friends Sarita and Bruno as they track down and round up intergalactic monsters who have found their way to earth through a wormhole in space. Their missions could take them anywhere from the bottom of Lake Erie to the top of Mount Fugi. There’s no telling where they might have to go to keep our planet safe! Please bookmark the comic, and come back every week. Also, watch for new features that will be added to the site as the comic progresses.

Please let your friends know about Kid Zombie Adventures! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at rmail@kidzombiecomic.com …

ProfilePic_KZA…and a little about me–
I’m a classically trained illustrator who learned how to draw the old fashioned way–using pencil and paper. Although I’ve fully adopted the amazing things that technology has made available to artists over the years, I still draw and ink all of my comic pages at my drawing table. The colors and lettering are done on the computer after I make the final scan. My computer work is all done on a Cintiq tablet which I consider to be an indispensable tool now. Although more artists are moving away from traditional means to create their art, I’ve made a conscious decision to hang on to my pencil and paper because I just hate the thought of not having a piece of REAL original art when I’m finished. Maybe I’ll have some available for sale in the future.

I hope you enjoy my work. More is always on the way!